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Angels and Crystals

The Archangels and their associated crystals are:

Raziel Apophyllite
Michael Amethyst
Michael & Raziel Agate
Raguel Blue lace Agate, Angelite
Raguel & Chamuel Botswana Agate
Ariel Sodalite,Crazy Lace Agate, Green Moss Agate, Amber
Jeremiel Amber
Azrael Amethyst
Chamuel Amber
Gabriel Clear Quartz
Haniel Red Jasper, Angelite, Apophyllite
Jophiel Aventurine, Pink Topaz
Zadkiel Azurite
Sandalphon Calcite
Metatron Beryl, Jasper
Raphael Rose Quartz,Green Moss Agate
Uriel Obsidian, Green Moss Agate
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